This was a personal project that was intended to use some of the LEDs I had left over from the Otherworld map project. I began by making 16-string braids, called kongo gumi, with wire in the center so I could shape the braids. The difficult part was figuring out how to turn on the LEDs. Normally, I would connect them to an Arduino, but the Arduino board was too big and I didn't want to buy a smaller Arduino. Instead, after a little research, I discovered that it is possible to use my LEDs without a microcontroller board. There were no tutorials for my specific kind of LEDs, so I began trial and error, connecting the LED wires to USB wires in various combinations. One attempt resulted in a red light, which meant it was kind of working, just not correctly. Unfortunately, when I unplugged the light and plugged it back in, it didn't light up, even though the wires were in the same arrangement.

While trying to find a solution to my wiring problem, I ordered a pre-programmed controller that is made to work with several kinds of LED strip lights, including mine. All I had to do was connect the LED strip to a 3-wire connector and plug it in. This turned out to be much simpler than my trial-and-error method.

With the lights now working, I turned to working on the physical appearance of the lamp. See my process and the final result in the video below!


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