Indigo Award 2020 Winner

Despite growing trends in houseplants, many people struggle to effectively take care of their plants. Beginning growers are often unsuccessful because they do not know what to do. There is a knowledge gap in plant care because the information that is available is often vague and hard to understand. This information is vague because there are so many variables to account for when caring for plants. Every plant is unique, with different needs, so specific information is hard to find.

This project is our solution to that problem - a social robot that helps you take care of plants. Bud is a two-part system consisting of a face-tracking voice assistant that displays emotions on its screen, and sensors that can gather and record plant health information.

Over ten weeks, three classmates and I researched, designed, and tested a prototype of our Arduino social robot. My contributions include research, interviews, part of the cultural probe, and a preliminary Rhino model of the product. I also used Arduino, Python, and MIT App Inventor to program movement, face tracking, and voice commands.



A summary of the Bud project, including the problem, solution, and product features. I designed this summary, using the product renders and logo designed by my teammates.

Much of my work on this project was research and code. To learn more about this project, check out the process book, and visit the Indigo Award webpage.


Varun Khatri: Project Lead

Aparna Somvanshi: Research Lead

Sheryl Chan: Branding Lead

Madeline Walz: Product Lead

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