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The world today is very divided. Many people are disappointed in the current information marketplace. On social media, there is a lot of information floating around, but it’s hard to tie that information to actionable steps that can be taken to help solve real problems. On traditional news outlets, it’s hard to see past the bias and opinion, and there is a lot of misinformation. Many people also look to traditional education platforms for information and guidance. That information, however, is very academic and not applicable to the real world.
Over 6 million Americans are pursuing an online education on a part-time basis. Our primary target audience is individuals, ages 15 to 35, who are interested in learning about social issues so they can take action to combat current problems. Our secondary audience is people in positions of power and influence, ages 35 to 65, who want to help propagate social causes but feel too uninformed to take real action. Our tertiary market is the educational system, so children can learn about current issues in a historical context, enabling them to impact change in their communities.
To aid in this, we created NuCademy, an online educational platform that helps educate individuals in our target audience through collaboration and digestible, historical-based, unbiased information. Courses use interactive teaching methods, collaboration, live classes, and group discussions, as well as traditional models like lectures, videos, and articles. NuCademy takes the first step in taking action to help with social issues.

This project was completed over two weeks with a small group of interns at The Commons in Milwaukee, WI. As the only UX designer in the group, I was the primary designer of the website wireframes and the pitch deck. We collaborated on research, content, and concept development.

During the last two weeks of the internship, I updated the wireframes, replacing the placeholder text with real text and adding content to the still-blank pages.

Mid-fi login screen

Mid-fi home page.

Mid-fi courses page. See course descriptions and your progress.

Mid-fi discussions page. Designed by both a teammate and myself. Discuss topics of interest with other users. 

Mid-fi resources page. Provides links to other organizations and websites for reliable history and social justice topics.

Mid-fi news page. Designed by both myself and a teammate. Gives accurate, unbiased news about current social problems.

Not shown: profile page. Currently lo-fi and incomplete. View and add friends, check your progress on courses, see your discussion activity, and earn badges for completing various tasks.


Thomas Reid, MSOE

Shira Marcus, Alverno

Sebastian Banaszak, UW Madison

Chue Xiong, MATC

Madeline Walz, SCAD

*Pitch deck is from the original two-week sprint, and so shows original lo-to-mid-fi wireframes.

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