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The Journey
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Aldebaran, an alien from the planet Pleioné, is on his way to Earth, searching for an artifact his people hid there five thousand years ago.
      Set before the events of Aldebaran, The Journey introduces you to a divided planet whose conflicts shaped the events of both the Otherworld series and the larger world of Heart of Darkness.

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Remember that legend? They are his descendants...

      Zaccur Levy's new exchange student is bizarre. Aran is a history lover like Zac, but that's where their similarities end. His quirks include a severe allergy metal allergy, a strong dislike of shoes, and a strange fascination with water. Aran doesn't seem to exist online, and doesn't even have a phone.

      Zac can deal with all that, strange as it is. What he can't accept is why Aran is so interested in the Levy family's ancient history, and what's in the bag Aran brings everywhere. When Zac finally learns Aran's secret, he finds himself on an impossible journey into his past that will forever change the way he sees the world.

Publication in August 2023

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