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In August 2019, I published the first book in my science fiction series, Otherworld. Book two was published in August 2020, with book three coming out in August 2021. In spring 2020 I released the first information about book four in the form of an interactive map. You can learn about that project in the Physical Computing and Programming section.

As much as I love that map, it's in-person interaction only. You can't use it remotely. That's why I made this online version. It has all the same audio information as the physical map project and a colorized version of the map that will be included in book four.

Book four takes place in a parallel world called Reau. In the first three books of the Otherworld series, you meet Arkeda Mothran, Zaivyer Verling, and John Michaels, three of the four people destined to save both Earth and the hidden world of Reau. In book four, the fight begins. Secret histories will be rediscovered and hidden traitors will be revealed, while the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance.

Learn about the world of Reau in this interactive map. Just turn up your computer's volume, hover the mouse over each of the twelve interactive locations, and listen. Pay attention – you may hear hints about what's coming in book four!

If you are unable to see the entire image without scrolling, use "Ctrl+minus" (PC) or "Cmd+minus" (Mac) to zoom out. If you are viewing on mobile, please switch to laptop or desktop to view and interact with the sketch.

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