Opening doors and creating new beginnings for small-college students

There are approximately 5300 colleges in the United States that offer a bachelor's degree or higher. Over 4000 of those colleges have less than 5000 students. Most of these small colleges are not very well known. They have fewer employer visits than large colleges, since most companies only visit big schools. This lack of opportunities causes students to feel disadvantaged as they enter the job market. 
Janus Collegiate offers an interactive platform for students in small colleges who are frustrated with not getting as much attention in the industry due to the fact that they come from a small college. We solve this problem by creating more opportunities and pathways for students that attend these small colleges. We’re different because we combine all the features seen scattered throughout our competitors’ platforms while also catering exclusively to small colleges.

This project was completed over six weeks with a small, interdisciplinary group of interns at The Commons in Milwaukee, WI. My primary roles in this project were graphic design and information architecture. We collaborated on research, content, and concept development.

Customer persona. Content created by the team, graphic design by me.

The sitemap I created. Features brainstormed and refined by the team.


Zach Knudtson, UW Whitewater

Janelle Burt, MATC

Rajat Mittal, UW Madison

Kayla Schmidt, Brookfield Central

Madeline Walz, SCAD

* Links to narrated slides on AirDeck. For an unnarrated PDF, click here

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