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Harm Reduction Works: Anchoring Love

Loved ones of people who use drugs (PWUD) often struggle with complex emotions, communication issues, and damaged or strained relationships. Following the format of Harm Reduction Works, Anchoring Love is designed for the loved ones of PWUD. It helps loved ones process their complex emotions, have productive conversations, and, in the end, mend their relationship.

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There is a lot of pressure on EMTs to do their job well. Despite this expectation, the current methods for communication and information exchange are not effective. Medicus is a system for EMTs that streamlines triage, diagnosis, and treatment. This project was completed virtually.



Indigo Design Award Winner

Despite growing trends in houseplants, many people struggle to effectively take care of their plants. Bud is a smart assistant that helps people learn how to care for their plants. it works with sensors that gather plant health information and an app for tracking plant data.

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Janus Collegiate

Opening doors and creating new beginnings for new college students.

Janus Collegiate offers an interactive platform for students in small colleges who struggle with not getting much attention in the industry because their college is small. This project was completed virtually.

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Stress has become a normal part of life, but it is still a major health risk. Typical stress relief methods do not always work. This is where Ebb comes in. Ebb is a two-part system for contactless biofeedback monitoring through WiFi, accurate up to 26 feet away. This project was completed virtually.

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Deloitte x SCADpro

This course was a collaboration between SCAD students and Deloitte Human Capital. Our goal was to improve the talent acquisition process for both candidates and HR. Because this was confidential, I cannot share project visuals. This project was completed virtually.

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Understand the past. Change the now. Design the future.

NuCademy is an online education platform that teaches individuals through collaboration and digestible, historical-based, unbiased information. Courses use both interactive and traditional methods. This project was completed virtually.

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Students who live off-campus are 15 to 20 times more likely to experience crime than on-campus students. Guardian is a safety training app designed to increase off-campus students' level of situation awareness. It uses AI-powered activities to build users' cognitive skills. This project was completed virtually.

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With the ever-growing advancements of technology, there comes less opportunities for face-to-face communication in our daily lives. Being out of practice leads to feelings of inexperience and anxiety. Lumi is a system to build up interpersonal and public communication skills.

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Distracted driving is the number one cause of car accidents. CAIR is a stand-alone AI device that is accessible for all vehicles, by providing a safe mobile connection. This project has since been redesigned by a subset of the team, which I was not involved in.

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