Cover of Gateway by Madeline Walz


You think you know the world? You have no idea. There is another world, hidden, alongside Earth. Few know it exists. Now it is in danger, and that danger could affect the world you know.

Are you ready?

Ever since he came out to his parents, the king and queen of Mendon, Alex Starosta's life has been looking up. The world of Reau is at peace, Alex's parents have come to accept his decision, and he even receives a Hayil, a rare source of power gifted only to a few. But this time of peace won't last long. A great danger, dormant for decades, threatens Earth and Reau, sending Alex to our world looking for allies in the coming fight.
      In the first three books of the Otherworld series, you met three of the four people destined to save both Earth and the hidden world of Reau. Now, the fight begins. Secret histories will be rediscovered and hidden traitors will be revealed, while the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance.

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Harm Reduction Works - Anchoring Love logo


Shown here: SCAD UX senior capstone project, Harm Reduction Works: Anchoring Love

Cover of Age of the Immortals by Chloe Walz


Shown here: my cover design for Age of the Immortals book one: Rise of Thera by Chloe Walz

Otherworld Online Interactive Map Project


Shown here: interactive map for Gateway, the fourth book in my Otherworld series

3D model of an Arduino/Elegoo Uno R3 micro-controller board


Shown here: personal project, a 3D model of an Arduino/Elegoo Uno R3 micro-controller board

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