You think you know the world? You have no idea. There is another world, hidden, alongside our own. Few know it exists. Now it is in danger, and that danger could affect the world you know. Are you ready?



At that very moment, the sun exploded. The supernova ripped across the remains of the sun's companion star, across the moon, across the planet. When the blast finally cleared, only a small, glowing pulsar remained. There was no trace of the once-thriving world.

      Arkeda Mothran has a massive secret: he is the only survivor of the supernova that destroyed his home planet, Otreau. He's kept his secret for over a decade, but now, as he enters college, his internal conflict grows and he begins to realize that no secret can be kept forever.

      In this first installment of the Otherworld series, you will meet one of four people who are destined to save two worlds.


A man travels through a blizzard to find a woman he's never met.

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A normal day, or so it seems –

A normal boy, with normal dreams.

"A day like any other. Will nothing ever change?"

He has no way of knowing

He'll never be the same.

      Zaivyer Verling has never known his father. He knows only that he shares his father's name, his heterochromatic eyes, and the strange metal plate on his temple. The plate doesn't do anything – until he turns thirteen. Then his life changes. As he explores his new gifts, he starts to suspect that there is something much bigger in store.

      In this second installment of the Otherworld series, you will meet one of four people destined to save two worlds.


Focus. The bullet was a yard away when John raised his hand, invisible power humming in his ears, moving down his arm, out through his palm. You can do this.

      John Damien Michaels has always been the new kid. Other than that, he's pretty normal. Or, at least, he was. On his sixteenth birthday, John wakes up to find a black strip on his ear. As the day goes on, he discovers strange new abilities  abilities connected to that mysterious black strip. He's no longer an ordinary new kid. It isn't until the sun sets, though, that John learns just how different he's become. While he explores his new reality, John must come to terms with a growing suspicion: something big is coming, and he will have a major role to play.

      In this third installment of the Otherworld series, you will meet one of four people destined to save two worlds.

Expected publication is 2021


In this fourth installment of the Otherworld series, you will meet the fourth person, and the challenge to save two worlds begins.

Expected publication is 2022

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