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Focus. The bullet was a yard away when John raised his hand, invisible power humming in his ears, moving down his arm, out through his palm. You can do this.

      John Damien Michaels has always been the new kid. Other than that, he's pretty normal. Or, at least, he was. On his sixteenth birthday, John wakes up to find a black strip on his ear. As the day goes on, he discovers strange new abilities  abilities connected to that mysterious black strip. He's no longer an ordinary new kid. It isn't until the sun sets, though, that John learns just how different he's become. While he explores his new reality, John must come to terms with a growing suspicion: something big is coming, and he will have a major role to play.

      In this third installment of the Otherworld series, you will meet one of four people destined to save two worlds.

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About Me

I am a 2021 graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where I studied user experience design. I am originally from Waukesha, Wisconsin, but now live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am a book wyrm, math lover, and typography enthusiast.