A normal day, or so it seems 

A normal boy, with normal dreams.

"A day like any other. Will nothing ever change?"

He has no way of knowing

He'll never be the same.

     Zaivyer Verling has never known his father. He knows only that he shares his father's name, his heterochromatic eyes, and the strange metal plate on his temple. The plate doesn't do anything – until he turns thirteen. Then his life changes. As he explores his new gifts, he starts to suspect that there is something much bigger in store

      In this second installment of the Otherworld series, you will meet one of four people who are destined to save two worlds.

Paperback and Kindle Unlimited coming August 18.

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I currently attend the Savannah College of Art and Design, where I study user experience design. I am originally from Waukesha, Wisconsin, but now live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am a book wyrm, math lover, and typography enthusiast.

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