With the ever-growing advancements of technology, there comes less opportunities for face-to-face communication in our daily lives. Being out of practice leads to feelings of inexperience and anxiety. Users lack an immersive tool to practice becoming an effective communicator.

Lumi is a system to build up those communication skills in both interpersonal and public settings. The application is paired with a smart mirror companion system with AR capabilities to provide live feedback and aid those who have trouble speaking with others by creating an immersive practice environment.

Three teammates and I did research, ideation, and prototyping over ten weeks. On this project, I participated in much of the research, including a survey, focus group, user testing, and expert evaluations. I also created 3D models of the smart mirror which were rendered by a teammate. I created the text for the personas and journey maps, although I did not do the visual design for those. Towards the end of the project, I designed the process book.



A summary of the Lumi project, including the problem, solution, and product features.

Mirror: Front View

The interactive mirror with post-practice feedback on the screen. Built by me in Rhino, rendered by a teammate in Keyshot.

Mirror: Angled View

The interactive mirror with the Lumi logo on the screen. Built by me in Rhino, rendered by a teammate in Keyshot.


Anh Tran: Project Lead, Visual Design

Isha Ray: Prototyping

Cherie Chen: Interaction Design

Madeline Walz: Research

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